Advance is a B2B sales coaching and consulting business, working with SMEs to corporates. We focus on helping companies to replicate the best of the best and implement sales operational excellence. At the heart of our Commitment Based Selling model sits our well known SCOTSMAN® qualification methodology. This was developed in conjunction with Dermot Bradley: an experienced IBM systems engineer and salesman that became a successful sales coach and consultant. SCOTSMAN® has been used by tens of thousands of sales people across the globe over the past 30 years including companies such as IBM, Xerox, GE, Fujitsu, Accenture, BT and Unisys.

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What do the best sales people look like?

I am frequently involved in conversations with C Levels and Sales Leaders that relate to improving sales productivity, and how to deliver predictable revenue growth. Inevitably, I am often asked what it is that the best salespeople do and why I refer to Commitment Based Selling. After meeting thousands of sales professionals there is a simple explanation and, more importantly, how you can move the average performer to replicate the best. This involves re-wiring their [...]

November 20th, 2018|0 Comments

Do you have the infrastructure to enable Sales Excellence and deliver Predictable Revenue Growth?

We address the common issues experienced by most organisations with a simple sales enablement model concentrated on Leadership, People and Processes all focused on the customer. We concentrate on your Lead and Opportunity Management so you can deliver Predictable Revenue Growth. It’s worth remembering you get what you inspect not what you expect. The key is effective coaching, a sales process roadmap and sales process management. This ensures the enablement of the right development of [...]

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How to double your selling time? Focus on winning the winnable!

With 5 million B2B sales professionals in the US and UK it means 3 million spend the year losing! A big cost to businesses. If you are a board member, a sales leader, or in L&D this is one of the key root causes to predicting consistent revenue growth and driving effective selling hours, sales velocities, hit rate and size of deals. Source: Authored and Contributed by: Advance

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