We’re a UK carrier and we have our own voice, data and mobile network, giving us more control over the services we offer.

We only provide services for the business market and place huge emphasis on the availability, reliability and quality of the network and platforms that underpin our products. Our network architecture has been built without the hindrance of legacy platforms, enabling simplicity in service delivery and very high levels of automation for service provisioning and support.

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 2 – The Pros And Cons Of Instant Messaging For Businesses

Nothing’s ever that simple, is it? It would be great if we could detail a genuinely flawless strategy for any aspect of business management, including your communications strategy. However, then, it just wouldn’t be management, would it? Still, if you haven’t yet implemented instant messaging into your regular communication systems, here’s everything you need to know – for better or worse. Read More:

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 3 – The Importance Of Business Communications

First of all, the term ‘communication’ is much broader than many people think. It’s more than me talking to you, or you explaining a process to a colleague or client. Going far beyond customer services and employee engagement, business communication embodies everything from your corporate branding to the ethos of your entire business. Essentially, it’s so important because it’s in everything you do and deliver at once. Read More:

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 4 – What Is Application Sharing?

Application sharing is just what it sounds like. A moderated process of allowing other users to access applications, or even share your desktop, essentially, it allows users to access information remotely. Whether they’re using a mobile device or personal workstation, and no matter how many people require access, they can get to it in real time – simultaneously. Read More:

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 6 – Why Is Effective Communication So Important In Business?

There’s that old saying: “a problem shared is a problem halved.” Some would even go as far as saying that a problem shared is a problem solved. While this may be venturing into overly ambitious territory, modern business communications solutions offer the chance to go one step further… Read More:

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