Founded in 1911 following the merger of four companies in New York State by Charles Ranlett Flint, it was originally called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. It would be renamed to IBM in 1924.

Given that the company is over 100 years old it is no surprise that it has had to adjust to different technological trends throughout the decades.

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Digital transformation: your questions answered by Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay Herbert is Innovation Leader for IBM iX UKI and an IBM Inventor. In addition to advising company leaders worldwide on how to further their innovation agendas, Lindsay also invents breakthrough technologies for IBM itself. Her most recent invention is the IBM Instant Checkout, a revolutionary innovation for retail. This ground-breaking technology has been featured across international media, including BBC World News and a segment on BBC Click. Read More:

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Get agile to build delightful customer experiences

Digital disruption today is a given. Technology is fundamentally changing life and business with such breadth, depth and scale – and, importantly, at such an exponential pace – that businesses are forced to rethink the way they organise themselves. Read More:

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3 Ways IBM is Helping UK Universities Beat Disruption

UK Universities are amongst the best in the world, being home to four of the top 10 international universities. They are at the forefront of world-leading research which drives innovation, economic vitality and improves people’s everyday lives in all sorts of ways. Read More:

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The next phase of digital reinvention in energy is on its way. Are you ready?

Energy ecosystems and new business models may feel quite theoretical and distant alongside the pressures for today’s energy businesses. However, we all intuitively know we have to go there and there has to be a whole system collaboration to enable the energy transition and go some way to mitigating the impacts of climate change. The central reason for this is because we know that we’re heading to a world of massively distributed and connected energy [...]

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Artists on Artificial Intelligence

Companies everywhere are collaborating to solidify their competitive advantage. This is something that our report on ‘Becoming a Cognitive Enterprise’ describes, as companies are developing these collaborations as a way of reinventing their businesses, expanding their expertise or competing in adjacent markets. Read More:

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Breaking Down Silos in your Business

Every organisation in every sector is dealing with digital disruption in today’s volatile, fast changing and uncertain world.  Businesses need to transform to stay competitive or be in danger of going the way of once great brands like Nokia, Blockbuster or Kodak who saw the writing on the wall but didn’t act fast enough to adapt.  Too often digital transformation efforts fail with a regular cause being the organisation seeing the task as a project [...]

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