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The National Sales Conference (NSC18) is seen as the leading event amongst senior sales leaders in the UK. Offering you the opportunity to be inspired by some of the world’s leading motivational speakers. Partner of ISM for over 5 years, ISM members receive a 20% discount on attendance.

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Why is Relationship Marketing so Important in the Digital Age?

I often get asked about my “marketing secrets” and how my audience are so engaged with me on a regular basis, especially on Social Media. It’s never just one thing. It’s the combination of a number of different nurturing and relationship-focused strategies that I put in place. A huge part of my marketing is based around relationship-building, and I have found this to be so important especially in the digital age. We are more focused [...]

October 16th, 2018|0 Comments

The Power of Story Selling

One of the most powerful and compelling forms of communication throughout human history has been the story. From bedtime stories to listening to grandparents talking about the good old days, our upbringing has been saturated with story. Now neuroscience allows us to understand exactly why stories are so powerful, and most importantly for us as sales professionals, how we can use them to inform, educate and influence our customer's brains. In experiments conducted by Dr. [...]

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