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Just make cheese

The new cheese factory in Altendorf is the first facility in Switzerland to be completely configured with the TIA Portal engineering framework from Siemens, including the drive technology. Every year, up to 8 million liters of milk can be converted into Swiss cheese, which finds enthusiastic buyers not only in Switzerland but also internationally. Read More:

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Cooling in the desert heat

With strong competition from the UAE’s numerous free zones, Dubai Airport Freezone sets itself apart with state-of-the-art building management systems that ensure operational and environmental efficiency as well as delivery of best-in-class infrastructure and services to its clients. Read More:

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Evolution of power on the Galapagos

Commissioned by the Ecuadorean government to resolve a complex environmental issue confronting the Galapagos Islands, one that threatened the biological sanctuary’s UNESCO designation as a world heritage site. Siemens has developed a hybrid electricity generation system using renewable fuels that could serve as a model for clean power in decades to come. Read More:

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Rebirth of an Imp

The 1923 Ruston B2 that had been parked for decades at the plant site of the gas turbine manufacturer in Lincoln was basically a wreck. The vintage vehicle was missing important parts, which made it impossible to restore. These parts, however, have now been reproduced by Siemens’ Materials Solutions subsidiary using 3D printing technology. The project that led to these reproductions demonstrates the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing of spare parts and components. Read More: [...]

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Driving a digital future

Severn Power owner Calon Energy was fully supportive of the request to test new digital solutions at its plant. “They’re very happy to be one of the first plant owners to use these innovative new tools,” says Dan England, Siemens plant manager. “Calon Energy is convinced that digitalisation will be an important competitive advantage for power plant owners in the future.” Read More:

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How Technology is Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

It’s 5 am at a bakery in Wales. The smell of freshly baked bread hangs heavy in the air as fluffy loaves race along congested conveyor belts. Shiny metallic arms slice and wrap bread, while a machine datestamps each loaf, before carefully dropping them into a delivery container. For the unsuspecting, everything seems to be running smoothly. Read More:

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The true cost of false fire alarms

More than 75% of automatically generated fire alarms in the UK are false or unwanted. That’s a big problem when you consider the huge number of commercial and industrial premises that are fitted with automatic alarm detection systems and the number of unnecessary call-outs they cause for the fire and rescue services. Read More:

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