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Our team has been around. It’s 30 years since Strategic Proposals was founded in the US; 15 years after we started work in the UK and 10 years in the Netherlands. We’ve seen best practice evolve, and we’ve shaped its direction. Our team are recognised as thought leaders thanks to our writing, research and conference keynotes. We’re not just starting out: you’ll be accessing strength in depth and proven processes and tools.

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Cost of proposals – how much to invest?

For as long as we can remember, there’s been debate about the cost of bidding. We looked at the data gathered from the 450+ organisations that have completed our free-of-charge online Proposal Benchmarker™. And it reveals some fascinating facts! Read more here:

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Buyer’s views of proposals are changing

When we carried out our most recent research last year – the Buyers’ View of Bidders – we deliberately used many of the same questions as in a previous study back in 2007. This has revealed some fascinating data about how buyers’ views have changed over the last decade or so. Read the attached research paper to see what we found. Read more here:

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Winning with pre-written content

We’ve always known that a library of well-written, reusable​ proposal content makes organisations more​ efficient at bidding. This research goes further. It shows the direct correlation between pre-written content capability and winning, and therefore the importance of this critical aspect of proposal development. Read more here:

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Pitching the Proposal

Research shows that, even if you’ve submitted a brilliant written proposal, you still need to bring your story to life superbly when you’re invited to present to the client. This white paper contains invaluable insights from two hugely experienced chief procurement officers. It’s essential reading for everyone involved in bidding. Read more here:

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Setting yourself apart from the rest – how do you measure up?

One of things that sets out the best from the rest when it comes to winning bids and proposals is their drive to invest in success. It’s important to understand how you measure up against best practice and industry averages, as this helps hone your ability to develop winning proposals and pitches - and move from the left to the right hand-side of the proposal maturity model, shown below: Read more here: Authored and contributed [...]

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Buyers’ View of Bidders

This white paper summarises the findings of our 2018 survey which uncovers the latest views of buyers on the bidders they invite in to their procurement process. It provides a useful source of input for anyone who works in business development, sales, bids or proposals. Source: Authored and contributed by: Strategic Proposals

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