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Virgin Media launched the world’s first virtual mobile network, and we are one of the largest fixed home phone providers in the UK and Ireland.

Our interactive TV service allows our customers to stream all the TV they love: at home through our set-top box, and on-the-go with tablets and smartphones. That’s thousands of hours of live and on-demand programming, box sets, movies, sport, apps and other features.

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Virgin Media Business and Women in Business Partnership: the perfect fit

I was recently given the honour of announcing the launch of the Virgin Media Business partnership with Women in Business Northern Ireland which was positively covered in our local press. Women in Business Northern Ireland is an organisation that celebrates the positive achievements of women in business and helps women start, grow and develop their careers. Read more here:

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Reducing plastic waste

Plastic pollution is causing huge damage to our natural environment. While plastic waste isn’t Virgin Media’s biggest environmental impact, we too want to do our bit. Today, on World Environment Day, we’re mobilising our people to get behind our established plan to reduce plastic across our business. Our plan tackles the most common uses of plastic, not just single-use, in our operations and products. Read more here:

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Swotting-up on online safety before going back to school

The new academic year is a big moment for many families. For children, it’s an exciting time as they make new friends and start new classes, but the return to school also brings a whole host of digital challenges including managing friendship groups, pressure to have social media or even pressure to play certain games. Read more here:

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The Future of Health and Social Care: A Service Fit for the 21st Century

When was the last time you used a fax machine? If you work in the NHS, the answer is probably very recently. The NHS buys more fax machines than any other organisation in the world and staff frequently have little option but use them to send crucial patient information to colleagues. Read more here:

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