Recommendations Received

I have recently had the pleasure of liaising with The Institute of Sales Management (ISM). Our contact has been in direct relation to my current role, awards, accolades and qualifications, as well as future support.

The Head of Marketing has been absolutely exceptional throughout our communication. He has been supportive, encouraging, dedicated and committed to driving not only my results, but the performance of my business, forward. He has supported my professional development by providing knowledge and good practice, to ensure positive customer outcomes. I am extremely appreciative of the guidance provided so far. However, I also look forward to the future, where I will take advantage of both the online community and industry magazines to learn from others, share best practice and seek advice from others in the network.

Many thanks once again! – Joel Sheppard


I have known about the ISM for over 2 years. They are an excellent institute to be part of for those looking to stay ahead of the curve, sell ethically, put the customer at the heart & achieve successful result. Through seminars & excellent blogs you will learn so much & I recommend all professionals & businesses to be part of the ISM. – Matt Brodie


Sales is not about money. It’s about time. It’s not about persuading convincing and objection handling. It’s about seeking the truth. It’s not a parent/child power play. It’s a relationship between equals. And if we fail to establish that, it’s OK to move on! Sales professionals focus on the process, and avoid becoming emotionally attached to the outcome. And like any professional at the top- footballers, musicians, surgeons- they commit to purposeful practice. Investing in themselves, and seeking out others equally committed to success, for support, accountability, encouragement and inspiration. Perhaps the ISM is where you can find peers, mentors and mentees on the same journey to success as yourself! – Nigel Dunand


Sales is un regulated, so being part of ISM is a perfect way to show your credibility. Not only does it create a community for sales people, it gives them education on ways to improve their techniques. The team at ISM are not only knowledgeable but helpful and accommodating. Well worth being a member. – Alison Edgar


We have been very impressed with our experience with the ISM and are looking forward to working with them in the future. They are always happy to help with advice and guidance – David Spear