4 words said by my all-time favourite host Roy Walker, as he presented the gameshow ‘Catch Phrase.’ Enjoyed by my mother and I as I raced home from school to catch him on the television while I tucked into whatever was for dinner that evening. The show then, as it is now, puts host and participant into a myriad of tricky situations, all the participants have to do ‘is to say what they see’ – just click ‘Catch Phrase Gag Reel’ and you’ll see what I am getting at. Laughter after long hours at school or in the office for my mother is exactly what the doctor ordered, and those memories will live long in my memory.

Fast forward 20 odd years and as Head of Marketing for the ISM I am regularly approached by a variety of organisations to help them promote their event to an ever-increasing number of sales professionals within our network. Ultimately, I have the final input into who we work with and more often than not, those organisations that utterly bamboozle me usually get the nod … and why?  Well, if you’re not interesting, if your brand or your message doesn’t intrigue or at least grab the attention of an audience within 5 seconds then how can I help and throw the might of the ISM marketing machine behind your brand?

Showpad ticked all those boxes by teaching me something new, something all encompassed into a phrase I had never heard of before, something called … ‘Sales Enablement.’

I had no idea what this was!

Am I ashamed of not knowing?

Am I worried that as Head of Marketing for a membership body, I had never come across this phrase before?

Well, at the time, I certainly didn’t feel that way. I thought it was just another catchphrase, but after some research I discovered it wasn’t just a phrase that someone had knocked up in the corner of some shed, but it had an entire industry behind it. Their platform allowed sales professionals to act on what they could see happening and impact the purchasing cycle.

I also carried out a quick reputation check on them and this is what I found:

  • 18 reviews on Capterra – average rating of 4.5/5 – read more
  • 105 reviews on Glassdoor – average of 3.8/5 – read more
  • Then the reviews of various employees at the organisation – all were top notch

I am always a little fearful when companies host events – that they will exploit the opportunity to sell their product to an audience in attendance. But as my video spot below demonstrates, they showcased talks from teams from British Airways and Deloitte’s who donated their time to showcase how they are using Showpad and how they have helped them make more sales.

It was a soft approach and yet, a rather powerful one.

Their first event that I attended took place at 12th Knot, Sea Containers House. The venue was not as mind blowing as the attending speakers that came to support them.

Put another way – how many organisations out there, of that stature, would allow their staff and their brand to be showcased at a third-party event … unless that 3rd party rocked!

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