Social Begetting

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Natterbox

I am often asked have I gotten benefit from using Social Media, what it is and how it came about. When chatting it evolves the reason for the question is that they are trying to ascertain how they achieve a specific goal, quickly, for example getting into account XYZ or getting a specific blogging or speaking engagement.

From seeing that I have some credible blogging gigs (have blogged for Oracle, Miller Heiman, Maximiser, CloudTech ,etc), get invited to keynote present and am featured on lists such as Top Cloud Computing Blogs and EMEA top 50 influencers in Data Centres, Cloud & Data 2017 they feel I can give them a ‘how to’ on getting the same or similar or know the golden key to achieve the exact targeted outcome.

Answer I can,  but the answer is not always as they expect or want. I did not set out with a specific objective of getting onto Blog ABC, or speaking at event DEF, I more set out with an overarching approach to expand my reach, to make selling easier, to progress, not a specific precise goal.

What I have learnt on my journey is that one thing often begets another that you were not expecting or planning for and the degrees of connection that lead to this can be wide and far and random.


For example I may follow, like and share with a social contact that becomes a connection and develops into a social contact. They then share my content on and others see it and perhaps follow me. They notice something I have presented at or a list I have been on and reach out asking if I guest blog or speak at events and that leads to a new gig.

Another example is I write a blog for a site, that gets shared through their social, that gets noticed by someone in the cloud community who reaches and asks for some advice or opinion.  I give out some value and 2 months later I get a call from someone asking for help on a project as they had asked that 1st person who they know on cloud and my name came up.

One thing you do begets something else unexpected and unplanned. Through this work I get more valued connections which raises my profile, raises my social sharing in a more valuable community and hence a list comes out which I appear on that I had no idea about. Through that you then get approached by others and the circle of Social continues.

It gets easier and easier the more you contribute and put in, the more you focus to being known for a specific thing and stay true to the course!

So is it easy and effortless no. Is it worthwhile, in my experience certainly yes.

I now receive outreach invitations often for Blogging, Speaking, contribute to panels, commenting in the press, being a Judge and for Non Exec positions. It has not come overnight and if you expect to setup a social account and instantly start getting easy results, unless you are already a celebrity of some sort then it will not happen. It takes consistency, effort and of putting in to get back.  You need to contribute, to build your value, to get ‘known’ for something.  You need to be consistently persistent and patient. Over time you will find it gets easier and easier and you reap the benefit of your efforts.

Start by identifying what you want to be known for, something you are passionate about, have knowledge, experience and skills in and that you can have a voice. An area where you can provide good commentary, where what you say can be of value to others. Start by following, sharing, commenting and contributing and as you progress you will find you get followers, likes, shares, comments and opportunities of your own.

Please do come and follow me at and you will find examples of the sort of shares and comments as a start to your own journey.

Authored and contributed byIan Moyse, Sales Director at Natterbox