Professional Sales Certification (PSC) 

Developed by the ISM in conjunction with its partners and industry leaders, Professional Sales Certification (PSC) is a competencies-rich framework for cultivating and recognising a salesperson’s skills, enhancing CPD and helping to support and build a rewarding career path.

The PSC process helps salespeople and their organisations identify and work towards individual development goals while drawing on ISM member benefits such webinars, video content, networking groups and wider knowledge resources.

The ISM offers member access to four levels of PSC: Associate (AISM) to Executive (EISM) to Leader (LISM) and ultimately Fellow (FISM) each specifically designed to recognise and assess a sales professional’s current capabilities, skills and knowledge and which will provide appropriate support and guidance as they progress through the different stages of their sales career.

PSC begins with an in-depth Sales Skills Audit taken by each member of the Sales force which is benchmarked against 35,000 Sales professionals globally. Results from the audit are then presented to both the individual and their line manager in the form of a detailed report linked to each skill set.

This detailed feedback provides the basis for developing ongoing discussions between the Sales Person and their manager as to their individual personal development needs.

Each Sales professional then begin their relevant learning journey which is accessed and managed via the ISM’s Learning Management System. Individuals are required to show evidence aligned to meet a set of mandatory Sales Competencies set by the ISM relevant to each person’s membership level and position on the PSC journey.

The ISM can also work with your organisation to embed a number of ‘selective competencies’ you wish to see as part of the journey.

Throughout the PSC process learners are encouraged to access a range of learning materials from videos, articles, ISM webinars, podcasts to white papers helping to embed a culture of lifelong learning and development which is also supported by the ISM’s CPD Award portal.

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