On Monday we launched the ISM Mentor Scheme. All our mentors are carefully selected ISM Fellows who have agreed to volunteer their time to helping other members develop themselves professionally. Mentees can choose which mentor they want to partner with based on which mentor profile best fits their requirements. The scheme will work on a 1-2-1 basis, and communication between the mentor and mentee can take place either via email, on the phone or face to face. During the mentor relationship, the two parties will outline details of what the mentee wants to achieve, how the mentor can help with this, and will look at setting out clear goals.

Although the length of the relationship is dependent upon both parties’ agreement, the initial ISM mentor pilot scheme will run for a 3-month period, after which we will require feedback from all mentors and mentees to find out about their experience to develop the service offered.

Please click here to view our current ISM Mentors