…you build a family and Cognism have certainly done that’ – this was a quote I penned a day after attending the Cognism event at the Science Museum in London., check out the video below.

There are plenty of post-event blogs out there written by people who praise the organisation, the attendances, the speakers etc. but honestly, I don’t have the time.

Instead, I’ll state this …

  1. Cognism launched 2016
  2. Their Google reviews are off the chart
  3. They beat 7 other companies to a BESMA Award for Customer Service in 2018
  4. Are expanding to the US
  5. Are Finalists again this year in 4 categories and are up against some pretty big names in the industry.

And everyone I’ve met at Cognism is so cheerful!

But I guess that’s the point. Their CEO and Founder has built a family – I’ve seen them in action, you can’t fake passion, desire.

To those that are up against them at BESMA 2019 – Good Luck.

Seriously, you’re going to need it.

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